Im alysha, a full time teacher & part time skater,gamer and glitterball. People say im away with the faires, have my head in the clouds and will never grow up…I say fantastic!

I love roller derby, gaming, reading, crafting, drawing, being outside -dark chocolate and red wine.

I couldn’t live without my family or my derbyz pals...they are my closest friends!

Derby, derby, derby. 
September 29th
6:51 PM

Had the best time at the reapers 1 year party and interleague game yesterday. Each and everyone was amazing..honestly! So happy and proud to be a reaper. Both teams we so close in the score, we winning in the first half then it kept changing lead and we just ended up losing right at the end by 21 points! Obviously our teams were split well in ability lol  and I got to bash my sister around a bit! Had a tear in my eye when Miky won best jammer, such a proud big sis!! Then I got MVP for our team.. what a way to end a brilliant day! My new magical silver helmet clearly has super powers!  We totally won the after party, last ones standing :) It was full of reaper cake, derby dancing, arm wrestling and thumb wars.

Happy Birthday reaper roller girls..heres to many more to come!

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